Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Rant warning! The teacher I never want to be

Here I am today on a rant, rampage, a soapbox. Today I had an experience that I hope I never forget. I experienced (not the first time, but I could really do without this experience again) being on the receiving end of being talked down to by a teacher. My child's teacher. If this teacher was actually trying to recruit me to drive her point home, well, she failed. My first thought was, "if you talked to my child in this tone/manner, no wonder she didn't respond well!" I didn't say that out loud. But I was appalled and outraged that my child was belittled. Called out publicly in class and embarrassed and then the tactic of trying to intimidate and talk down to me to get me to comply. *sigh* Today was certainly educational. I have had some situations recently when I've had to bring behaviors to parents attention via phone. I hope and pray that in my own frustration and nervousness I haven't given parents the impression that I think I am better than them or that I don't care about their student. Holy smokes, I never want that to happen. Today reminded me that there's a parent side to every story too and that this child that is causing disruption today in my class, is someone's precious child who they worry about, long for, and love. A child that they entrust me with every day and give me the charge of encouraging them and cajole them into being the best, most successful version of themselves that they possibly can be.

Parents of my students, if I have taken "a tone" with you, or treated your child like less than the precious gift from heaven that they are, I am very sorry. I wake up daily remembering that I am blessed and very fortunate to teach your children. I love them and I know that you are working very hard to be the best parent, caregiver, provider possible. I know that it is no easy charge. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for sharing your child with me and trusting me to teach them.