Saturday, July 15, 2017

The River Denial

I have been dying my heart out. Something I love. But it has morphed into something that steals my time and my life and my freedom that I obsessively must do. I become oblivious to everything else in life. I *should* (I HATE that word, but I'll use it for lack of a better term) have read ahead on Masters classes. I am not only WEEKS behind in one class, but now I'm behind in both classes. I know I have a project due in the one class and I have a teleclass one day this next week. I will do that from my vacay home.

Today I woke with a pit in my stomach of all the things I have neglected in my life and home. Denial is a great thing when it works, but when it stops working, it's a special kind of misery.

Aren't they pretty though?! No wonder I love them so.

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  1. I read somewhere on Instagram (either @mindfulmft or @createthelove - both amazing follows) that we need to stop shoulding all over ourselves. It's the worst! I've been doing it too, "I should do some work for next school year." "I should do some reading." But then I don't. But we have to enjoy life too!!! Especially with those beautiful designs you've created!