Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Transformation? It's a process, not an event

Today I am celebrating my 2 weeks of eating better, walking more, and drinking lots of water! And do I dare say..... almost (almost) no coke. Only a half of a 20 oz. bottle one time.

Today there are no picrues of the journey per se. Because although I'm PUMPED about the losses and they are significant to me, they will not show in a photo. And because my starting measurements are not for sharing. Just the progress.

Enough of the nots. Drumroll please.....

In two weeks time I have.....

  • Lost 5 pounds! 
  • lost an inch in my chest!
  • lost about 4 1/2 or 5 inches in my waist
Today is another busy day in the summertime life of a teacher renewing her spirit after a grueling year and after losing touch with so many of my friends. I will drive to a neighboring town and connect with a life-long friend and we'll talk, laugh, hug and catch up. We will celebrate each other and the chances we've taken and the changes we've made. I will probably eat more fat than I *should* but then again, life is for the living. I will still consume LOTS of water, concentrate on movement, and on developing patterns of exercise in my life. And plan a healthier supper.

I might celebrate my victory by using up the rest of the dye I have mixed up already. I mean, I need those squirt bottles empty for my upcoming class. Right? heh heh....

Big Time Blogging Challenge '17 is underway! So far, so good! Five days of blogging in the books! Check it out at Big Time Literacy! #btbc17


  1. I love it, congrats on your scale and nonscale victories!
    and hugs are the best, aren't they?
    Keep up the good work, keep updating us with your progress. I find that when I am running and posting about it, I get so much positive feedback and it really motivates me!

    1. Yes, and the neuroscience I am reading about how the brain changes (fascinating btw), states that in order for change to become permanent we need positive feedback from outside of ourselves. So getting feedback increases the likelihood that I'll succeed in making a lifestyle change!