Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tie Die For.... get it? har har

Tie Dye is my spirit animal. My fun, my release. It is time consuming and occupies my mind with both something and nothing all at the same time. When my dog died, I tie-dyed. It's a fairly effective grief counselor. So if I come to your funeral with discolored hands and feet, you will know that you were truly loved.
I made these last week, and the two on the left are bestie shirts for our upcoming trip!
Tie Dye is also an obsession. And more than slightly addictive. Lunch? sorry kid, I will be outside today. What do you mean you want quality time? Come outside and talk to me while I tie-dye. What do you mean you don't want to sit outside in 100 degree heat? I don't understand.... Homework? sorry prof, I was tie-dying. I mean, something came up and I was really, really busy.... I'll do better I promise. I can stop any time I want to! I just don't want to. Kind of. I kind of want to stop. I want to become a responsible adult again. kind of. But then again... tie-dye.

So I have trying to decide what I want to do about this obsession. Someone suggested I do classes. I have had two public classes now and a private one. Success. And I have a group for it and now I have started a page. So that I can grow this thing. Yay. I can't wait! I have plans! Big plans! And so I have started. Launched. I can't wait to see what the future holds.Why? Because.... magic. Tie-Dye. Magic. They are sort of the same thing. I can plan what I think something "should" look like, but I cannot control the actual results.

Yesterday I helped a friend create some love for herself, her hubby and their grandkids. It was amazing and awesome.

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